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  1. 朝鲜准备发射火箭
  2. 尼日利亚重新选举总统
  3. 美国对委内瑞拉发动电力战
  4. 脱欧谈判解决北爱尔兰边检问题
  5. 马来西亚男子侮辱伊斯兰教判刑十年
  6. 印度银行诈骗犯潜逃英国
  7. 芭比娃娃六十岁

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Elephant Teeth

Elephants don't diet, as far as we know. But their weight does fluctuate, at least for the ones who live in a zoo. Now, researchers have found that this gain and loss in an elephant's mass appears to hinge on their jaws - more specifically, the unusual way these animals replace their teeth. The results appear in the journal Mammalian Biology.

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Sleep Rocking

Every new parent knows, or learns pretty quickly, that rocking can calm that fussy baby when it's time to take a nap. But the benefits of gentle motion may extend past the swaddling stage. Because two new studies show that rocking also helps grown-ups, both human and mouse, get a good night's sleep. The two research efforts are in the journal Current Biology.

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